Biomedical Services Division

The Biomedical Division was founded in 1994 as an independent department. It is the largest distributor of medical equipment services technologies in Saudi Arabia. Our business philosophy stresses high quality timely service delivered to our client’s specifications and satisfaction. Our service division is the largest in the area, providing customers with on-site response within hours. Service biomed staff participate in periodic development and in-house training programs in areas ensuring optimal service performance and maintenance management. We have extensive experience in the management and analysis of intensive care unit equipments, research of the changing directions of various modalities, tracking depreciating values of equipment and the direct sales experience necessary to provide our client with optimal results in meeting their equipment needs. The Maintenance Department supporting the Medical and Scientific Division has a well-regarded position and performance record in Saudi Arabia. With years of experience in the field, our own teams of qualified and trained engineers bring their work knowledge, as well as technical expertise to the jobs round the clock. This means effective and prompt response to the service needs of our customers. With efficiency and professionalism, our maintenance staff conducts preventive maintenance routines to ensure that our clients' equipment is always in top condition.

Biomedical Team